Moe McIlwain

Licensed since 2006, Moe brings experience, and a positive and contagious energy to our team. He has been an entrepreneur since 1998 and has owned and sold multiple real estate properties. Being a Business Management graduate in college, has given him the skills and knowledge required to thrive in Ottawa’s competitive Realtor market for his client's benefit. As a Realtor, he has helped well over 300 clients buy and sell homes in the Ottawa and surrounding areas. Raised in Ottawa, so he knows the city very well, North, South, East, and West. His strengths are mainly in negotiations, selling strategy, property evaluation, marketing, a whatever-it-takes attitude and healthy sense of humor. In his spare time he works to give volunteer support and advice for youth and adults, he is also active in local charity and church organization. "In this dynamic real estate market, my commitment is to tell you the truth, which will protect the equity in your home and real estate investments. Let's work together."

Sonat Try

Licensed since 2009, Sonat not only brings his vast knowledge of the Ottawa real estate market but also his passion to provide quality service. He previously owned and operated a successful farming business, supplying to grocery chains, managing staff, negotiating and keeping a tight network. Sonat provides strong leadership and works hard under pressure. He purchased his first home at the age of 18 and is now the owner of 6 real estate properties. He's was raised in Ottawa and knows the area very well. As a Full Time Realtor he has served over 200+ clients buying or selling homes in the Ottawa area. Experienced in the Ottawa real estate market closing deals ranging from $150,000 to $3,000,000. He is well versed in suburban properties and cash-flow income properties as well as condo sales. Sonat also has strengths in income property assessment, renovation network and assessment (saving money). He is a hard worker with a humble heart and a big smile! "Negotiating the best price and netting you the most money is my goal"